The Key To A Consistent Golf Swing
Tension dictates our golf swing positions and ball flight control more than we think. I constantly hear golfers give the tip of “keep your head down” or “just trust it”, I think we can all agree this is easier said than done. The best golfers practice a relaxed mind, which eliminates tension and allows them to be athletic and consistent.  If you are tense, have anxiety, confusion and other negative things going on over a golf shot, how do you expect to be consistent and athletic?

First Question To Ask Yourself After Each Shot You Hit
Did I 100% trust that shot. If you have any hesitation or uncertainty, the chances are no. If you didn’t fully commit to the shot you most likely had tension at some point in your swing, and you cannot look to a swing flaw for why the shot was miss it.  

My Favorite Drill To Achieve Tension Free Transition
1. The Gabe Trainer  is a 7-iron with beads in the shaft. This is a simple drill that allows me to have a slight pause at the top of my swing, relax my arms and use my body rotation to bring the club through impact.

Helpful Exercise To Do At Home
Breathe 2 Relax  Anxiety causes issues in our golf swing (and in life). Click the link to access instructions on how to fix this issue with one simple exercise. All you have to do is lay down and breath!

Premium Tool For Calming The Mind
FocusBand is the only device used in sport to help athletes calm their mind, achieving an athletic mindset while hitting a shot. I utilize FocusBand in lessons to help golfers improve their pre shot routine, which leads to more athletic swings over the shot. If you are interested in seeing how this works, watch this short video

Do you ever wonder why elite athletes can perform under intense pressure? They train for it, and these simple principles apply to golfers of all abilities!


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During my life pursuit to become a world class player and coach, I was blessed to play and coach alongside the best minds in golf. PGA Tour winners, major champions, NCAA Championship players and coaches. While coaching with current Oklahoma State Coach Donnie Darr, I learned the importance of “owning your game”. 

Anyone can achieve this when given accurate information fo what actually matters and consistent execution to the processI will give you the PROCESS, through practical practice plans, drills and exercises. With proper guidance and tools used by PGA Tour professionals, you will know exactly what to work on and when to do it. If a “washed up” teaching professional like myself qualified and competed on the biggest stage of golf, playing less than one round of golf per week, imagine what you could accomplish in your game! Try it for $1 Today

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