Tournament Prep

Open sport – reacting sport
Basketball, football, baseball

Closed sport – you decide when you do your routine and static over the ball
You can control the pre-shot routine and set u
Free throws in basketball
Pitchers in baseball
Kickers in football

Practice Styles
Block – repetitive
Warm up
Random – different club, different target
Deliberate – pre, post shot routine
(Sequential) – ladder drill

Practice Objectives
Conceptual improvement
Technical improvement
Restructure practice accordingly

Phases of “in the zone”

PRACTICE STYLES Balance each practice
Block – everything in a row
Variable – same club change targets
Random – change clubs, shots and targets

Negotiable’s what you can control
Ability to stay present
Number of rehearsal (practice) swings
Length of routine

Creating clear plan
100% commitment to the plan chosen
Post shot feedback, control emotions

Manage yourself well, the controllable factors
Mindset, routine, set up
Aiming your eyes and line over alignment
Even quill. Emotions – little up and little down
Part of ego is attached to results, disassociate your emotions from results

PRE-ROUND Warm up before playing on the course is solely focused on
Getting golf swing muscles loose
Developing feel for the day
No relation to warm up and score that day.
Practice time warm up is negotiable depending on how you feel, stick to the structure
Irrationally positive thinking.
Parents, coaches – some need a pat on the back. Some a don’t need as much positive reinforcement

PRE-SHOT Routine should be same every time
Every routine needs to include the main structure (i.e. 5 aspects of pre-shot routine)
You don’t have to to have specific number of practice swings, objective is to get the feel and go when you have that positive feel
Goal is to develop the proper feel for the shot you have chosen, build confidence and trust when pulling the club away
Visually focus on where you look
Alignment verse awareness
Visualize or verbally describe the shot. Clear intent
When you are ready, go!

POST-SHOT Routine Realize what a good shot is.
De-labeling outcome
Apply closure. Put club away or take off glove and relax.
3 post shot categories
Enjoyable – hit ball close to hole
Acceptable – proper side of hole, safe putt, will at least make par
Learnable – less than ideal shot, learn from it, make adjustment and rehearse

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