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HOW TO FIX Swing Positions Effectively & Quickly

It’s easy for someone to identify swing flaws. but the key is HOW to fix those flaws. Most golfers take a lesson on the driving range, and try to fix their swing on the range. This typically causes loss of confidence and no improvements in your swing.  

HOW you should train to change or fix your swing… 
1. Indoors
with a mirror and heavy club or saber stick to change your muscle memory
2. Exaggerate the change, FEEL IS NOT REALITY!
3. Feel when you have a chance to go to the golf course, you should put a feel to those swing changes by focusing on tempo, timing and hitting shots with just one swing thought. This is similar to how you should play on the course, no more than ONE swing thought after you set up.
* PERFECT SET UP all drills need to be done with perfect set up, slowly, hold each position for count of 3 seconds, exaggerated with heavy club to change feel faster.

LESSON 2 - Full Swing Positions, Fixes

P1, SET UP Great!

TURN lower body still has slight right hip bump at the end of backswing. Have your right hip keep rotating and extending to keep it stable

P2, TAKE WAY your swing does not need to be perfect, it just needs to error in the “safe positions”. On the take away – when the club is parallel to the ground, the club head should be outside of the hands (without reaching your hands away from the body swinging it back). Everything should start back together – hips, arms, shoulders and hands.

P3, STEEPER TO TOP OF SWING fixing the take away will make it much easier to get into a better position on the back swing. The shaft angle should be more vertical, with your hands in front of your right shoulder, when your arm is parallel to the ground.

[insert Rory powerpoint image and p3 image from amateur v pro]


DRILL 1 - Back Swing With Resistance Band

DRILL 2 - Wall Drill


CALM MIND the Breath2Relax exercise to calm your mind, allowing you to be athletic. This will become instinctual and added to your pre shot routine

SET UP pressure in stance, alignment ball position

TURN you are turning much more centered, without lower body sway

Do you ever wonder why elite athletes can perform under intense pressure? They train for it, and these simple principles apply to golfers of all abilities!


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During my life pursuit to become a world class player and coach, I was blessed to play and coach alongside the best minds in golf. PGA Tour winners, major champions, NCAA Championship players and coaches. While coaching with current Oklahoma State Coach Donnie Darr, I learned the importance of “owning your game”. 

Anyone can achieve this when given accurate information fo what actually matters and consistent execution to the processI will give you the PROCESS, through practical practice plans, drills and exercises. With proper guidance and tools used by PGA Tour professionals, you will know exactly what to work on and when to do it. If a “washed up” teaching professional like myself qualified and competed on the biggest stage of golf, playing less than one round of golf per week, imagine what you could accomplish in your game! Try it for $1 Today

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