Why worry about the Mental Side of Golf?

What most people fail to do is fully assess each aspect of their game. This allows us to have measurable(s) to strategies an improvement plan. Throughout your golf journey, you should be constantly measuring your game and making adjustments to your practice plans as needed.

For Mental Game, we are going to use this button below to fill out the quiz to see if we improve at the end of this 10-week program.


Mental Game Quiz >



ESTABLISH GOOD HABITS NOW In the first lesson it will be hard to stay on track. Not because the work is time consuming or hard, but because most likely are not used to having golf “homework”. It is easy to put it off and do other things. I have given you a checklist of how you can prioritize the worksheets so you only need to devote 20-30 minutes to each lesson.

Download and complete all worksheets within lesson 1 within the appropriate time frame. In addition to the worksheets, read these articles and answer the questions on a piece of paper. If you print the worksheets and fill them out by hand (recommended), take a picture of your answers and upload to your private training space on coach now (if you are working with JJ on this program)


Assignment 2 CORE VALUES

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