Self evaluation of your pre shot routine process and commitment each shot. This is how you practice and learn how to “trust it” over each shot. 

OBJECTIVE  the mental game scorecard allows you the opportunity to work on your mindset while playing on the golf course and be process oriented to achieve peak potential.

  1. Do NOT keep score of what you are shooting. This exercise is to train you to be focused on the process and not the result.
  2. When swing thoughts enter your mind, let them go. Do NOT dwell on them or act on them. If this happens, back off and restart your routine.
  3. When score enters your mind, follow the same process listed in #2.
  4. When fear enters your mind, follow the same process listed in #2.
  5. When you restart your routine, establish the proper breathing pattern (deep belly breathing) that is designed to help you relax and be athletic.

    Your only focus is to have as consistent pre shot routine before hitting each shot
    After the shot you will grade yourself 1-10 on the ability to execute your pre shot routine and how well you trusted your swing. This is a self-evaluation.
    Score of 1 would be terrible – example, you were worried about the water hazard on the left and swung while just hoping for the best
    Score of 10 would be perfect – you were 100% comfortable and only thoughts entered your mind were the 5 steps for a perfect routine process

Download the mental game scorecard
Use this as your scorecard for the round of golf (do not use the golf course scorecard)
Write down your score after each shot. (ASAP, if you wait until the end of the hole, you will not provide an accurate score for 2 shots before)

It is important for you to be completely honest with yourself after each shot. The more open and honest you are, the more benefit you will get. 

Find overall pre-shot routine score for entire round Formula
Add up scores from all shots / total number of shots scored = overall mental game score for day

Provide feedback in the boxes at the bottom of the form.

JJ Wood, PGA Director of Instruction


During my life pursuit to become a world class player and coach, I was blessed to play and coach alongside the best minds in golf. PGA Tour winners, major champions, NCAA Championship players and coaches. While coaching with current Oklahoma State Coach Donnie Darr, I learned the importance of “owning your game”.  Anyone can achieve this when given accurate information fo what actually matters and consistent execution to the process.

I will give you the PROCESS, through practical practice plans, drills and exercises. With proper guidance and tools used by PGA Tour professionals, you will know exactly what to work on and when to do it. If a “washed up” teaching professional like myself qualified and competed on the biggest stage of golf, playing less than one round of golf per week, imagine what you could accomplish in your game! Click For More on the Mental Game

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