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Bob Rotella said, “It’s not what happens to golfers, but how they choose to respond to what happens, that distinguishes champions.”

Most of the focus in golf is on our pre shot routine. Equally if not more important is the POST SHOT ROUTINE. This routine happens right after the golfer has hit the shot and experiences an emotional reaction, either positive or negative based on the result of the golf shot.

  1. Prepare for failure

In the sport of golf, you will experience more bad shots instead of good shots. We need to prepare for the bad shots in order to move on to the next with a clear and positive mind

  1. Develop process to handle outcome of the shot

There are 3 ways to look at the golf shot after you have hit it.

  • Great shot, this creates excitement and easy to process the result
  • Acceptable, a shot that lands further from the hole, but in a safe spot that gives you good odds to get a par
  • Learning experience, this is a shot that has a result that was not what you desired. We often become angry after a bad shot, it is important for us to learn from these shots and rehearse what we would’ve like to have done on the previous shot.
  1. Put the club away and take your mind off of golf

This is really hard for most players. They want to dwell and over think the bad shot. Instead, try to place your focus on something outside of golf in between shots. 


Write down your post shot routine and carry it with you to the practice range and the golf course. Develop and practice a solid post shot routine to help you handle adversity!

On Course Exercise For Post Shot Routine


OBJECTIVE: learn from each shot we hit, make corrections and understand our game better. This exercise also provides closure for each shot, so you can move on to the next shot with a fresh mindset

After each shot, write down your answer to the following questions.

  • Was I 100% committed and executed my routine with confidence?
    • If your answer was no: Identify what in your pre shot routine process prohibited you from having 100% commitment in the shot
      • Write answer


  1. Do not worry about technical position flaws
  2. On your next shot, your main priority is to have a perfect pre shot routine process to be calm and committed through the shot. 
  • If your answer was yes: 
    • For Good shot – identify what you did well
      • Write answer:


  • Take a practice swing to  reinforce the good swing you just made
  • For Bad shot – what was the result of your shot (ie. hook, slice, top, chunk)
    • Write answer: 


  • What technical issue/ swing flaw caused the poor shot. If you take lessons, think about different checkpoints in your swing that could have caused the poor shot.
    • Write answer:


  • Take a practice swing, make the swing you intended, when you have that good feel, put the club away and move on, it’s over!
  • Write down as much as you can related to your mindset, golf swing, etc. for each question above, take a picture and post to your  CoachNow Profile. The more detailed you are the more you will learn about your game and improve!
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