Improving Your Full Swing Turn Improve Swing Positions
Turning is the engine that runs your swing. How you turn in the full swing dictates many swing positions. Turning correctly allows fundamental positions to become more natural. Benefits include”

Everyone can control the set up, it is a static position. Get this perfect to give you a chance at building a full swing.

Try to keep the body centered by eliminating any sway and up/down movement as you turn the shoulders back and body pressure transfers efficiently.

You can use the saber stick or a golf club to do this drill. When you turn your shoulders 90 degrees, your shoulder plane should be parallel to the swing plane line

How you use the lower body is the second piece to the turn drill. Unlike other sports, you want the center of your body pressure directly in the middle of your feet at set up. Try to maintain that pressure while you turn the shoulders back, focusing on the pressure going to your right heel, while keeping the body centered. (its ok to let your right hip turn back)

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