Quit Experimenting we have done the research, we know what works and what doesn’t. Follow the process laid out, do the drills and you are guaranteed to see the results!


If you research the best ball strikers in the world, you will find that they all have 3 things in common; consistent tempo, smooth transition, proper impact

This is something that all golfers can develop, golfers overlook these two important aspects and experiment with swing methods and positions.

PGA Tour players do NOT have perfect swings. We have added in a few key swing positions that all great players have. You do not have to create the positions perfectly, you just have to error on the “side you can play from”. If you error on the correct side, you will play much more consistent golf.

Drill Objective: Increase swing speed and consistency by creating speed at the point of contact with the ball

You have to activate the muscles properly to swing athletically without injury.

Always warm up before performing golf activities

Activate the golf muscles properly.

“Warm up to hit balls. Do NOT hit balls to warm up.”

This is a common term used by golf fitness professionals. You need to get your body loose through dynamic stretching, not static stretching

Dynamic – stretches that have continuous movement
Static – hold stretch for a certain length of time in one position


Setting up to the ball is controllable, do it perfectly every time you do a drill or hit a shot on the course.

How you set up to the ball dictates your swing positions and impact. Do it correctly every time!

  1.    5 swings, swinging forward
  2.    5 swings, swinging backwards
  3.    5 swings, on knees forward
  4.    Hit (3) full swing Drivers (if doing this at golf course)

This equals 1 set, each set is 15 total swings if performing indoor, 20 swings outdoor (Indoor drill, just complete steps 1-3)

  • Grip the alignment stick like you would a golf club
  • Set up like you would to a golf shot, keeping the alignment stick approximately 1 foot above the ground at address
  • Turn in posture properly on the backswing
  • Swing as hard as you can on the follow through while staying in balance
    • Repeat this for 5 swings
    • Turn to the opposite hand (If right handed, swing left handed)
    • Follow the same process as the previous 5 swings
    • Hit 3 full swing drivers with that feel from the alignment stick swings
    • Repeat this for 5 sets
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