BUILD THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR FULL SWING FOR LONG TERM CONSISTENCY Attention to detail will help keep your swing positions consistent and identify the core issue of what is causing issues if you are struggling


Fundamental Grip

Grips are very personal and effect your feel and this is why…Golf is an art, which is creative and involves feel. If your grip is creating issues, and a qualified golf professional can tell you WHY to change it, try to model the grip above. I am one of the few coaches that will not change your grip first.


A Neutral stance is shoulder width apart. This creates the correct width to turn properly and stay in balance

Stance varies in width, but it is very minor adjustments. Driver is slightly wider because it is a faster swing, so we need more stability by getting our feet wider.

If you get too wide, it is hard to turn. Too narrow, makes it hard to stay on balance

Weight distribution should be slightly on your front leg (for right handers, left leg).


We want to do this because it will promote us to hit more down on the ball, creating more back spin and help us keep the face more square. Most amateurs try to help it up in the air, HIT DOWN.



Most golfers put a club down for the feet and point their feet directly at the target. This causes your your club face to be pointed to the right of the intended target (for right handers). Make sure your club face is pointed at the target on all golf shots, and set your feet parallel to the club face.




Start with the shortest club (sand wedge/Pitching wedge middle of the stance and the ball progressively moves forward in the stance until it is inside the left heel for the driver). You may see professional golfers put their wedges behind middle of stance for full swing shots, but this is advanced and we will not address it until the next program.


Get in an athletic position, like you would defending someone in basketball or a short stop in baseball. Weight should be in the middle of your feet (in your shoe laces). 

Most amateurs look like they are sitting in a chair, with too much knee flex and their weight on the heels or too far on the toes.

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