Turning properly in the full swing is essential to consistency. Practicing the full swing at home, in the gym or anywhere without a golf club will help you develop the muscle memory that will become automatic when you swing a golf club.

Common error most golfers do is practice this while swinging a club and hitting a golf ball. There are very few people that can think of a mechanical movement and be athletic at the same time. 

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JJ Wood, PGA Director of Instruction


During my life pursuit to become a world class player and coach, I was blessed to play and coach alongside the best minds in golf. PGA Tour winners, major champions, NCAA Championship players and coaches. While coaching with current Oklahoma State Coach Donnie Darr, I learned the importance of “owning your game”.  Anyone can achieve this when given accurate information fo what actually matters and consistent execution to the process.

I will give you the PROCESS, through practical practice plans, drills and exercises. With proper guidance and tools used by PGA Tour professionals, you will know exactly what to work on and when to do it. If a “washed up” teaching professional like myself qualified and competed on the biggest stage of golf, playing less than one round of golf per week, imagine what you could accomplish in your game! Try it for $1 Today

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