EFFICIENT Practice makes perfect

The practice focuses on the three main aspects of your game; full swing, short game and putting.

  • 5 feet – stare at the hole
    • Make 5 in a row
  • 15 feet – eyes closed
    • around the world, 8 balls
    • Take practice strokes staring at hole, set up to ball, after you close your last look at hole, close eyes and hit the putt
  • Patrick reed speed drill
    • Place a tee 12 inches behind hole
    • Place tees at 15,20,25 feet
    • Objective: 2 in a row successfully into the box (between back of hole and tee behind hole or in hole) from each distance

9-shot drill worksheet
9 hole up/down (competition)

  • 9-shot drill
    • 7-iron
    • Driver
  • 100 yards (70 yards for ladies/kids)
    • Hit all irons (4i-PW) to 100 total distance, 7 shots.
    • Add up distance dispersion, short-long
      • If you don’t have long irons, hit your longest iron multiple times to equal 7 total shots

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